Agrihost – Make Technology Work For You

What is AgriHost?

AgriHost, is the leading Agriculture software platform in South Africa and one of the 1stof its kind in the world.  This platform has been specifically designed to address the needs within the Agriculture sector.  All the solutions in the platform are custom built.  Currently the system consists of the following applications, 
  • A suite of application related to agriculture crop insurance
  • Underwriting system, 
  • Crop lost adjustment application (stand alone and Integrated), 
  • Rain data application, 
  • Reporting application
    • This application is “subdivided” into
      • Emergence Report application
      • Progress Report application
      • Yield estimation Report
      • Harvest Report
  • Crop yield calculator
  • Farm Management system (still in development)

A comprehensive underwriting system

The Underwriting system is a web base application.  The system with all its components has been specifically designed and custom build for the Agriculture sector.  The system manages the end to end interaction with clients and brokers.  From the creation and management of client information to quote, policy and reporting of damages as well as the various other levels of reports (Emergence, progress and Yield estimations). Furthermore, the system also covers Claims, no claim bonusses, payment and a debtor system.

A comprehensive crop hail loss adjustment mobile application

The Crop Loss Adjustment application is our electronic loss adjustment application.  It has taken the paperwork and manual calculation out of the industry thus saving time and cost.  In the current application we cover more than 25 different crop types.

This application can be used as a standalone or integrated application.

Rain Data Application

This application is used for the capture and plotting of rain fall in a specific area / farm. Over time a rainfall pattern is build up which assist Farmers and Insurers. Farmers with their planting decision and Insurers with the potential rates they will make available in a region.

Reporting application

This application consist of 4 individual reports namely,

  • The Emergence report (to establish if the lands were planted with the crops indicated on the issued policy.  If the crops do not match this report is used to amend the records to reflect such on te policy and as accepted by the Insurer.
  • The progress report (this report is completed a couple of weeks after the Emergence report was completed to indicate the state of growth on individual lands)
  • The Yield Estimation report (this report is completed prior to harvest to establish the potential yield a farmer can expect on his crops)
  • The Harvest report (this report determines the harvest calculation on a land / farm and if there is any potential claims against what has been insured)

Crop Yield Calculator

This calculator is used as a guide to the farmer / insurer on the potential yield the farmer can expect on his farm.

Farm Management system

Although the application / system is still in development, the ultimate goal of is to assist farmers with the management of their farm/s.  This is an end to end system.  It will monitor everything from the amount of fuel used per implement to the amount of seed used in the planting of the crops.  Further to this with all the information on the system a cash flow and balance sheet can also be produced.  The system will at a high level display the cost per hector the farm incurs during a season.

Why AgriHost?

  • User friendly
  • Stable system with redundancy
  • Accurate calculation and admin processes
  • Full audit trail
  • Cost savings
  • Increase the professional image of the company

The benefits

Cost saving of up to 25% on loss adjustment cost

Reduce loss adjustment time

Reduce or eliminate hard copy printing

Eliminate calculation errors

Time management of lossadjustors during loss adjustment process

Data captured only once

Accurate GPS co-ordinates of where the loss adjustor completed his tasks

Agrihost Application Demonstration